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As a parent, there is one thing that you absolutely need to understand, there is nobody in this world that can protect your children like you can. When it comes to protecting your child custody you need to be proactive. When I first got separated the best advice I ever received was to start tracking every hour that I spent with my children. The courts don’t care about intent, they care about actual records. When it comes to contesting your child visitation if you’re the parent that goes in there with records reports and information that shows you’re being proactive and tracking your custody, that goes along way.

I started out very basically, keeping an Excel spreadsheet with the days and times that I had with my kids. After a while this became a bit tedious, and I wanted to find a different solution. I wanted to have a consistent record of where the kids were at all time so I went ahead and made an online app for myself. This allowed me to generate any reports that I would need if a custody battle arrive arose. What I realized was that I had a tool I wanted every parent to have access to and thus was born.

With I wanted to have a consistent, easy-to-use calendar that allowed you to track every single day with your kids. You can define caregivers, quick days and easily add them to the calendar. Once you have a consistent record of all your times you can then go to the reports tab and export reports for use in any court case. It is an invaluable tool that I hope everybody takes full advantage of.

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